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Hello. My name is Andrea. To those of you new comers, I recently had to put my baby, Chula down. I will keep the link up to her pictures though, and if you ever have any questions about her, feel free, as even though it brings tears to my eyes, I love to talk about her. As of right now, I'm in search of a badass filly or colt to turn into my barrel horse.My world revolves around horses, country music, and trucks. I'm from California, but I'm convinced I was born in the wrong state.

Im honestly just stressed to no end rn

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"maybe you shouldnt eat all of tha-"


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The only drama I’ll put up with 👌


The only drama I’ll put up with 👌

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Sorry Im kind of obsessed with her

Sorry Im kind of obsessed with her

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There was like 5 diesels that just drove past my house. I don’t think they realize they missed my driveway. :/

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Obsessively trying to eat strictly healthy food and micromanaging all your meals is NOT healthy. Being absolutely terrified of certain foods because they are not 100% “clean” is NOT healthy. Feeling bad for enjoying food, regardless of its nutritional value, is NOT HEALTHY.

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Most of the time it’s great having horse people as parents but sometimes it sucks because you can clash on opinions on things

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I may not be showing at all the big shows, or have the brand name riding apparel or an $80,000 horse
But I’m having fun, I have a really cute sparkly belt and some awesome hats, and 2 cute fillies.
Im thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had and all the ones Im continuing to have and I feel like things are finally starting to fall in place with my riding

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For some reason i thought it was 930 but its only 830

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